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Year 1 were full of excitement in their science lesson today as they engaged in some outdoor learning. They used their observational skills to help identify a variety of leaves. 🍃 🍂 🍁


📣🎤Calling all Swifties! The Team at are hosting this incredible event for the whole family to enjoy. Book your tickets now and enjoy the festival-fun atmosphere which supports local schools and PTA’s! ❤️💙


We had a fantastic time at Kingswood! Memories to last a lifetime!😀💪🙌 HPAPW here we come!


Finishing our weekend of adventure with some problem solving activities!🤔


🎳 The bowling fun continues….. 🎳


🎳 Year 6 & some Year 5’s are having a magnificent Monday morning at the bowling alley!


Final day at Kingswood! HPAPW are starting off with climbing. How high can they go?🤔 🧗‍♂️


HPAPW enjoy a party! Fun times with friends and memories to treasure forever! 💃 🕺


Looking fabulous- ready for the disco! 🕺


HPAPW enjoying curry night at Kingswood! 😋


Mr Sanders joined in all the fun at Kingswood today! 😀


Developing those survival skills by lighting a fire! 🔥


Lovely game of Quidditch on a Sunday afternoon! 🥎🏀


A very tense quiz this afternoon after lunch! Miss Sobola taking it very seriously. 🤔


Teamwork makes the dream work! Year 5 worked together to build and ride on their buggies! Great fun!👏


3G swing! Exhilarating!!!😁💪


Showing some wizardry this morning with a competitive game of Quidditch! 🧹


Good morning from HPAPW! Another fun filled day and we’re ready to go! 😎🙌💪


Time for a bedtime story after a day full of adventure! 📕


Dinner was absolutely delicious! 😋

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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An inspiring curriculum is the key to igniting a child’s passion to learn.  Here at Harris Primary Academy Purley Way we plan for a fun, energising and impactful curriculum to provide the key ingredients to support a child's progression.  Our curriculum embeds our school vision of ‘Excellence for All’ by nuturing our school values; Positivity, Excellence, Growth at every step.  Our curriculum encourages and allows children to ask questions, be reflective and independent learners, collaborate and be aspirational.  We ensure meaningful learning through a literacy rich curriculum which focuses on key texts to encapsulate the whole topic.  Each topic begins with a hook to ignite a child’s interest, which is followed with a line of enquiry whereby children investigate a theme.  Deeper thinking is then encouraged through reflection prompting children to  ask more questions. This mastery approach to planning and delivery of our curriculum cements understanding and reasoning.   

HF Curriculum Lead - Sam French


Ensuring Equality and Inclusion at Harris Primary Academy Purley Way (HPAPW)

HPAPW welcomes all children and values them as individuals, treating them equally and with respect. We believe that all children have the right to have their own needs incorporated into their curriculum in order to achieve success through the following approaches;

  • Provide an accessible environment, which is secure and safe, so that all our children can flourish.
  • We believe that all teachers are teachers of children with special educational needs, and it is therefore a whole school responsibility to ensure that these children’s needs are addressed.
  • Through staff working together as a team, and in partnership with pupils and their parents and carers, we strive to ensure that our aims are met.
  • Ensure all staff are aware of anti-discriminatory practice, promoting and valuing equality and diversity.
  • Promote early identification of children with additional needs to ensure interventions are in place to address their needs.
  • Monitor the progress of all our children to ensure they are meeting their full potential.
  • Work with all external agencies and organisations
  • To build relationships with other schools within our community including specialist and out-with Harris Federation.
  • We ensure that our curriculum is fully inclusive and will not discriminate against the protected characteristics: age, disability, gender, gender identity, race, religion or belief and sexual orientation.  
  • Our inclusive teaching approach ensures that all children can access the learning using resources and strategies that they may need, including modified language, additional support or resource.
  • Follow the guidance in the SEN Code of Practice, Equalities Act 2010 and The Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014


Further information can be found in our SEN Section which contains our; 

  • SEN Information Report & SEN Policy 
  • Accessibility Plan