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Year 6 performed their amazing show tonight which was enjoyed by all. What an amazing cast of very talented children. Well done everyone! 🎤🎭🎶


Year 2 had a fantastic time visiting Brighton today! Wonderful memories they’ll treasure forever!


A day in EYFS at HPAPW…


Year 6 and the pupils at HPAPW have been fascinated by the Talk Bus visit today. A wonderful service by CDI which puts children’s mental health and well-being at the forefront of all they do. 😊


Amazing parent participation too!!


The children participated in their Sports Day and had a fantastic time! Thank you for all your enthusiasm! 🏃


The weather did not stop EYFS Sports Day. The children loved taking part in a range of events and being supported by staff and families. The parents also seemed to enjoy their race too! 🏃👟


Wild Science visited Year 1 today! The children were amazed by our little visitors and learnt lots of fascinating facts about classifying animals. 🐛🪲🐌🐇


Year 4 had a very enjoyable pyjama party. There was a lot of pizza eating, dancing and most of all laughter throughout the academy. 🎉🪩🎤


Year 6 throughly enjoyed their trip to the Imperial War Museum. They had a great informative hands on talk with Lowri and looked at different war artefacts!


Year 2 had a fabulous time this week learning about the five pillars of Islam at the Baitul Futuh Mosque. 🕌


Our Year 5 pupils had the most amazing opportunity at the on Friday. They watched The Magic Flute and were able to sing the songs that they had been learning with the professionals. 🎶🎭Have a look at the video below…


Year 4 & 6 participated in Harris Federations sports day this month. We are very proud of the determination shown in all the events! 🏃


Year 1 were full of excitement in their science lesson today as they engaged in some outdoor learning. They used their observational skills to help identify a variety of leaves. 🍃 🍂 🍁


We had a fantastic time at Kingswood! Memories to last a lifetime!😀💪🙌 HPAPW here we come!


Finishing our weekend of adventure with some problem solving activities!🤔


🎳 The bowling fun continues….. 🎳


🎳 Year 6 & some Year 5’s are having a magnificent Monday morning at the bowling alley!


Final day at Kingswood! HPAPW are starting off with climbing. How high can they go?🤔 🧗‍♂️


HPAPW enjoy a party! Fun times with friends and memories to treasure forever! 💃 🕺

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At Harris Primary Academy Purley Way, we believe that music is a powerful and unique form of communication. Every pupil has the entitlement to a stimulating, fulfilling, informative and instructive musical curriculum. Music is a vehicle for expression and can provide support in children’s development. Furthermore, music allows us to celebrate the culture and society we live in and support tolerance of others’ opinions and beliefs.


Through our curriculum we want to provide children with opportunities to create, play, perform and enjoy music while developing the skills to appreciate a wide variety of musical forms and begin to judge the quality of music. We encourage children to participate in a wide variety of musical experiences to build up the confidence of all children. We firmly believe in the importance of singing in music lessons and as such it supports learning about the structure and organisation of music. It is of fundamental importance that children have the opportunity to access a range of extra-curricular music activities to support their musical development.


HF Curriculum Lead - Sam French



Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year 1

Hey You!


Style: Old style hip-hop  


Rhythm in the way we walk/The Banana Rap


Style: Mixed Styles  


In the Groove 


Style: Mixed Styles


Round and Round 


Style: Latin and Mixed Styles 


Your imagination - Create your own lyrics 


Style: Mixed styles and listening to songs/music about using your imagination: 


Reflect, Rewind, Replay 


Style: Mixed styles 


Year 2

Hands, Feet, Heart 


Style: Music from South Africa, Freedom songs 


Ho, Ho, Ho! 


Style: Mixed styles: Winter time, festivals and Christmas time. Creating a performance using music and dance. 


I Wanna Play in a Band 


Style: Rock music and movement 




Style: Song structure Reggae music 


Friendship song 


Style: Mixed Styles 


Reflect, Rewind, Replay 


Style: Mixed styles 


Year 3

Let Your Spirit Fly 


Style: RnB. Singing in two parts. Mixed styles: 


Glockenspiel Stage 1 


Style: Playing the glockenspiel. The language of music. 


Three Little Birds 


Style: Reggae and Bob Marley. Reggae music: 

& Recorder

The Dragon Song 


Style: Singing in two parts. Music from around the world: 


Bringing Us Together 


Style: Disco music: 


Reflect, Rewind, Replay 


Style: Mixed styles 


Year 4

Mama Mia 


Style: ABBA’s music: 


Glockenspiel Stage 2 


Style: Playing the glockenspiel. The language of music. 




Style: Grime, Writing lyrics. Mixed styles: 

& Recorder

Lean on Me 


Style: Gospel/links to Religious music: 




Style: The Beatles and the development of pop music The Civil Rights Movement.  


Reflect, Rewind, Replay 


Style: Mixed styles 


Year 5

Livin’ on a Prayer 


Style: Rock anthems: 


Classroom Jazz 1 


Style: Jazz and improvisation 


Make You Feel My Love 


Style: Pop ballads: 

& Ukulele

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 


Style: Old School Hip Hop: 


Dancing in the Street 


Style: Mowtown: 


Reflect, Rewind, Replay 


Style: Mixed styles 


Year 6



Style: Music that makes you happy!: 


Classroom Jazz 2 


Style: Jazz and improvisation 


A New Year Carol 


Style: Benjamin Britten’s Music 

& Ukulele

Music And Identity  

You’ve Got A Friend In Me 


Style: Carol King’s Music – Her life as a composer. Friendship: 

Reflect, Rewind, Replay 


Style: Mixed styles 



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