We are focusing on ‘Responsibility’ this week. These pupils have shown responsibility towards their learning, their environment, and each other! Keep it up!


Welcome to the new term- our children are loving the new equipment!


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If you have a minute, please sign to Ban the sale of high caffeine energy drinks to under 16s following and campaign, launched by of Together we can make a real difference


So proud of our determined families celebrating You all look fabulous


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Primary Teacher: TLR available for subject/ EYFS leadership required at


Thursday is World Book Day! Remember to dress up as your favourite character and bring in your favourite book!


Morning! We are open and will keep an eye on the weather.


Children actively taking part in Little Red Riding Hood to ignite our topic traditional tales


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My four year old is watching Toy Story for the first time ever and he just whispered to himself, “Alive toys... I knew it.”


What a great start to the day! A good book, juice and croissant. HPAPW 'Book Buddy Breakfast' in full swing


we have a Book Buddy Breakfast event tomorrow starting at 8am and finishing at 8.45am. You are more than welcome to visit


Reminder for all parents: Book Buddy Breakfast tomorrow @ 8am. Come, share a story with your child over breakfast. We can't wait to see you


we would love to invite you back to your roots in Purley. We're studying inspiring people, would love to hear your journey!


Children and staff enjoyed their Christmas dinner today


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Are you looking for a or teaching role from April or September? Our growing academy would love to hear from you!


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Don’t forget to bring spacers home from school & wash them over Christmas. Leave the bubbles on and airy dry. Check inhaler expiry dates too !


Reception and Year 1 surpassed all expectations in this year's nativity


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We're looking for an inspirational and motivated . Find out more and apply at


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Teaching Assistant (Early Years) required at


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Are you looking for a or teaching role from April or September? Our growing academy would love to hear from you!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

HPAPW Primary PE Sport Grant



Total number of pupils



Amount SG received per pupil

£16,000 + £10 per pupil


Total amount of PPSG expected



Record of PPSG spending per item or project:







Install a new trim trail

To raise physical activity levels at play and lunchtime and encourage the development of a healthy, active life style.






All children will have more opportunities to be physically active at play and lunchtimes.


Provide opportunities for teachers to work alongside specialist coaches to deliver an enhanced PE Curriculum

Increase teacher confidence, skills and knowledge when delivering PE


To broaden the range of curricular activities available to children


A wider range of sporting and games opportunities will be available to the children.

This will encourage an interest in sport and promote lifelong participation

These will be led by specialists. As a result teacher subject knowledge will increase and be carried forward in to planning a new curriculum for next year.


Provide enrichment opportunities

To broaden the sporting opportunities and experiences available for all pupils by providing free/subsidised after school clubs


Children experience a broader range of sports/activities.

This will encourage an interest in sport and promote lifelong participation.


Provide sporting equipment

Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils through new equipment/resources.


New equipment for indoor and outdoor physical pursuits will enable the delivery of new sports and games, broadening the sporting opportunities and experiences available to the children.




Total PPSG received


Total PPSG expenditure