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My four year old is watching Toy Story for the first time ever and he just whispered to himself, “Alive toys... I knew it.”


What a great start to the day! A good book, juice and croissant. HPAPW 'Book Buddy Breakfast' in full swing


we have a Book Buddy Breakfast event tomorrow starting at 8am and finishing at 8.45am. You are more than welcome to visit


Reminder for all parents: Book Buddy Breakfast tomorrow @ 8am. Come, share a story with your child over breakfast. We can't wait to see you


we would love to invite you back to your roots in Purley. We're studying inspiring people, would love to hear your journey!


Children and staff enjoyed their Christmas dinner today


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Are you looking for a or teaching role from April or September? Our growing academy would love to hear from you!


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Don’t forget to bring spacers home from school & wash them over Christmas. Leave the bubbles on and airy dry. Check inhaler expiry dates too !


Reception and Year 1 surpassed all expectations in this year's nativity


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We're looking for an inspirational and motivated . Find out more and apply at


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Teaching Assistant (Early Years) required at


Retweetd From Harris Careers

Are you looking for a or teaching role from April or September? Our growing academy would love to hear from you!


why of course. The children will be super excited. We will let you know when!


Families enjoying HPAPW'S first Book Buddy Breakfast. Families reading together over a warm breakfast!


Year 1 Beegu class enjoyed discovering exciting ways to approach maths during their celebration day


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Nice to attend the formal opening of Harris Academy Purley Way by Lord Harris of Peckham


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A pleasure to attend the opening of the Harris Academy Purley Way today and to tour the academy and meet staff and children. An impressive new school in .


that's great we can't wait!


Fantastic turnout by Gruffalo parents this morning, sharing books with children during our Drop Everything And Read.


Beegu class exploring their senses in science this afternoon.

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