Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Termly Review

This has been a very exciting term for Harris Primary Academy Purley Way, we opened our classroom doors to a class of lively, motivated and eager children in September and we haven’t looked back.  It is a pleasure to see children skip into school each day laughing with their new found friends, discussing what they have learned at school or what they are going to explore that day.  Additionally, it is also very warming to see parent friendships developing.  From the moment I invited parents to attend workshops and meetings it was clear that HPAPW has a very active and invested family community; evident by the success of the PTA’s ‘Cultural Day’.  It is always my aim to embed an open door policy which thrives on a supportive community spirit.  Our families at HPAPW have certainly demonstrated that this first term.  Thank you for your kind donations of goods and donating your time to the PTA and raising £200 for Crisis and the school. 

During the second half term, parents were invited to share their child’s home school learning diary during a ‘Celebration Day.’  Parents had the opportunity to support their child’s learning and try out experiments during a fun filled day.   After school clubs commenced and are thoroughly enjoyed by children and adults alike.  Children have made leaps and bounds in their learning due to dedicated and tailored planning through topics and also due to the great attendance of parents at parent workshops.  It is really great to see you are utilising the learning strategies and resource packs provided at each workshop.

Moving forward to next term we have lots of exciting ‘firsts’ to embark on and I cannot wait for the adventure!  Until then, have a safe and happy holiday.     Jane Robinson, Head of Academy