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Nice to attend the formal opening of Harris Academy Purley Way by Lord Harris of Peckham


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A pleasure to attend the opening of the Harris Academy Purley Way today and to tour the academy and meet staff and children. An impressive new school in .


that's great we can't wait!


Fantastic turnout by Gruffalo parents this morning, sharing books with children during our Drop Everything And Read.


Beegu class exploring their senses in science this afternoon.


There's a problem! Who made a monstrous mess in Gruffalo class this afternoon. Children are asking questions....


Children celebrating their impeccable manners and lunch time behaviour on Top Table CHEERS!


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Children move in to classy £11m school building Come along to Open Mornings & Evenings to see for yourself


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Please help me teach the children at my school about social media safety and protecting themselves online by RT this image far and wide.


Children move in to classy £11m school building Come along to Open Mornings & Evenings to see for yourself


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school celebrates new state-of-the-art building


Congratulations Yr1 & Rec children sharing fabulous achievements in our first celebration assembly this year


Detectives in Gruffalo class are on the hunt for a monster!


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'Spending a couple hours a week reading with your children allows you to spend true quality time with them'


We're having a 'gloriumptious' morning celebrating Roald Dahl day at HPAPW


Reception children in Gruffalo class settling in brilliantly on their second day


Year 1 children inspired by Dutch artist Mondrian this afternoon.


We're very excited to be welcoming our new cohort of Reception children (Gruffalo class) in the morning.


Thank you for coming to say hello. Children were very excited to meet you. Look forward to seeing you again soon


We're all very excited to be welcoming our Year 1 Beegu class tomorrow at 8.45am. We have missed you. See you soon.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Expenditure


The Government believes that the Pupil Premium, which is additional to main school funding, is the best way to address the current underlying inequalities between children eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) and their peers. It is hoped that effective use of this funding will help remove the attainment gap between the groups of children.

Pupil Premium is allocated to schools based on the number of children meeting a national criteria based on the Ever 6 Measure. This includes the total number of:

  • Pupils eligible for Free School Meals – within the last 6 years
  • Looked after children

Funding and Accountability

Pupil Premium funding comes directly to the Academy and is allocated for every child who is in receipt of Free School Meals. The Head of Academy decides where to allocate the funds, as they are best placed to assess what additional provisions may benefit their pupils. They are held accountable for their decisions.

Guiding principles for the allocation of resources at Harris Primary Purley Way 

  • Teaching and learning opportunities should meet the needs of all pupils
  • The raising of attainment for children eligible for FSM will be a priority
  • Pupil premium funding may also be used to support any pupil or group of pupils the academy has identified as being in need of intervention and support
  • Use of pupil level data will help identify priority classes, groups or individuals. Not all children who receive free school meals will be supported at the same time
  • Planning for the year has been adapted to ensure that high expectations for all children are in place, with a focus on high standards of achievement in Maths, reading and writing


  1. Summary information


Harris Primary Academy Purley Way

Academic Year


Pupil Premium funding per pupil

Total Pupil Premium (PP) Fund

£ 1,320


Date of most recent Pupil Premium Review

September 2016

Total number of pupils


Number of pupils eligible for PP


Date for next internal review of this strategy

October 2017


  1. Barriers to future attainment (for pupils eligible for PP including high ability)

 In-school barriers (issues to be addressed in school, such as poor oral language skills)


High percentage of children enter Reception with below expected levels in communication and language, reading, writing and personal, social and emotional development.


High percentage of children with below expected oral language and social communication levels


High percentage of EAL children

 External barriers (issues which also require action outside school)


Punctuality and attendance


Larger than average catchment area


  1. Outcomes


Desired outcomes and how they will be measured

Success criteria


Every child to attend school every day and be punctual.


  • School attendance target of 96%
  • Children to arrive at school by 9am every day
  • Absence from school only authorised for a hospital appointment or close family member bereavement 
  • EWO to work closely to support families whose attendance falls below 92%
  • 100% individual attendance is rewarded

Children identified with lower than expected communication skills will catch up to the expected level of Communication and language by the end of Reception.

  • To eliminate the differences between disadvantaged children and other groups of children
  • Targeted children to attend Speech and Language interventions

All children to reach a Good Level of Development by the end of Reception

  • Identify target children early, disadvantaged children and disadvantaged more-able children with next steps
  • Eliminate differences between disadvantaged children and other groups in progress and attainment across five areas of areas of learning
  • Disadvantaged more able children exceed national expectations
  • All children will leave Reception with a basic understanding of Maths and English ready for year 1

All children will have access to and wear full school uniform



  • Disadvantaged children wear a clean and neat HPAPW uniform on a daily basis
  • Disadvantaged families have recourse to subsidised uniform supplies

All children to experience school outings, trips and after school clubs



  • Disadvantage children take part in a club of their choice
  • All disadvantaged children attend school trips
  • Disadvantaged families are able to access wrap around care when needed


  1. Planned expenditure

Academic year


Desired Outcome

Chosen action/ Approach

What is the evidence and rationale for this choice?

How will you ensure it is implemented well?

Staff Lead

When will you review implementation?

Every child to attend school every day


  • £700 EWO external support
  • To ensure disadvantaged families attend school every day consistently and are punctual to eliminate differences with other groups or exceed expectations
  • Average academy attendance is 92%
  • HPAPW has a larger than average catchment area
  • Regular monitoring of attendance figures
  • Weekly and termly attendance figures are analysed and published
  • Termly meetings with EWO for families whose attendance falls below 92%

Jane Robinson

EWO – Tracey Gordon

Half termly/



Every child to attend school every day


  • £100 allocated to support basic travel to and from school
  • Families who are economically disadvantaged may sometimes require support to transport their child to school
  • Monitoring and review of oyster card usage


Jane Robinson

EWO – Tracey Gordon

Half termly

Every child to attend school every day


  • £250 allocated
  • To remind parents of attendance expectations and school’s actual attendance
  • To reward those families and children who consistently attend school
  • Weekly monitoring of attendance
  • Weekly and termly attendance figures published in school newsletter
  • 100% Termly attendance reward

Jane Robinson

Weekly and Termly

Children identified with lower than expected communication skills will catch up to expected level by the end of Reception.

  • £5000 allocated to specialist Speech and Language support
  • £250 parent workshops
  • £4800 Artis enhancement drama provision
  • High proportion of disadvantaged children with early acquisition of English
  • High percentage of disadvantaged children enter Reception with social communication and speaking and listening skills below expected level
  • Children baselined against age expected levels in speech and language and social communication
  • On-going assessment of S&L using EYFSP to inform intervention and referrals for formal assessments
  • Target families to attend Speech and Language interventions and coffee mornings
  • Target children will have weekly / x2 weekly speech and language interventions
  • Weekly dance and drama sessions delivered by drama specialists
  • Targeted parent workshops
  • Story sack workshops and lending library
  • Parent feedback

Jane Robinson

Sam Dholakia

Alysa Jeraj (SALT)

Weekly, Half termly, Termly

All children will have access to and wear full school uniform


  • £150 allocated to disadvantaged families to ensure children wear full school uniform
  • Uniform with logos tend to be more expensive and here at HPAPW we like children to take pride in their school and appearance.
  • Children are also experiencing quick growth spurts


  • Daily audit of children wearing uniforms
  • Disadvantage parents offered uniform where there is a need

Jane Robinson

Donna Neblett


All children to experience school outings, trips and after school clubs


  • £500 allocated to ensure all children are able to take part in after school curriculum clubs, school trips or access to ad hoc child care
  • Trips and clubs are often a luxury for many children.  All children should be have the opportunity to experience a range of extra-curricular clubs to broaden their horizons and outlook on life
  • Target children and families identified
  • Children offered clubs and trips at subsidised rate or free of charge depending on circumstances



Jane Robinson

Half termly